President's Speech

I am proud that I had the opportunity to study at Curzon Hall of Dhaka University. I still have fond memories of Curzon Hall. It was a time of great joy, understanding, and learning. Talented young men and women from all over the country came to study at the Curzon Hall and Annex building of this University. In the 1991-1992 session, we came to Curzon Hall and the Annex building to study science on a variety of subjects, and in a short time many became good friends.

The bonds of our friendship have become stronger. We formed an organization called Curzonnex’91 in 2019 to sustain our friendship. I have already said that this organization is an organization of friends studying various subjects of science at Dhaka University which was admitted to Curzon Hall and Science Annex building in 1991-1992 session.

We, the friends of Curzonnex’91, often meet ourselves. We, the Curzonnex’91 friends, get together with the family one day every year and rejoice. We go beyond our moral and humanitarian responsibilities to help the nation in times of calamity such as floods and winters. Even during this coronal epidemic, the friends of Curzonnex’91 from their positions took part in the direct fight against Kovid-19 and spontaneously helped the helpless victims of the country.

I firmly believe that our Curzonnex’91 friends will continue to work for the welfare of the people in the days to come by responding to any patriotic need. Long live our Curzonnex’91 and win our friendship.


Rakib Ahmed