Curzon Hall and Science Annex Building are the places of study for science students at Dhaka University. Those of us who were admitted to Dhaka University in the 1991-1992 session at different subjects, Curzonnex'91 is an organization of friends. The Curzonnex'91 organization was started in 2019.

In our time, a total of 1000 (Approx.) students in 15 subjects in Dhaka University Science Group would get the opportunity to receive degree.

Science group students' classes were confined to Curzon Hall and Science Annex buildings, although there were some exceptions in psychology. The minds of the talented youth who came from all over the country for higher education were full of dreams. 

We could not understand when the four-year university life was extended to 7 / 7.5 years with mutual love, hope-despair, greed, together with hustle and bustle, asking and so on. However, at this stage of life, we have come to realize that the duration of university studies, especially the various ups and downs of life - repercussions, experiences and friendships are providing a lot of supplies for the future life - which is unmatched.

As time goes on, the chapter of university life has come to an end two decades ago. Everyone is now a responsible parent and guardian.

In accordance with the rules of life, everyone is working for the welfare of themselves and the people in different fields of work at home and abroad.

Many of the friends are high-ranking officials in various government positions, many are policy makers in banks and private departments, many are renowned professors-policy makers and researchers in public and private Universities and many are established in business on their own initiative. Many are doing research and teaching in various universities abroad with great reputation. Everyone is busy in their respective workplaces according to the rules of time.

The members of Curzonnex’91 have always come forward to help the nation in times of calamity such as floods and winters. Even during the Corona-era epidemic, members of Curznex-91 took part in direct combat against Covid 19 from their positions.

As part of the fight against Covid 19, members of Curzonnex’91 spontaneously came to the aid of the country's most vulnerable. We, the Curzonnex'91 friends, rejoice every year with our families.